Schools: Bridging the gap between school and home

Schools play an important role in getting the word out to families about the MEND program. In fact, the majority of MEND participants hear about the program through schools.

We know schools work hard to promote healthy lifestyles to students, and that it’s difficult to change a child’s behaviour when healthy habits are not transferred to the home.

The MEND program offers a solution to help bridge this gap by providing families with the tools and resources they need to improve their eating and physical activity habits at home.

The MEND 7-13 program uses the SPARK curriculum to create a physically and emotionally safe environment for children who participate in the MEND program.

MEND is happy to attend your school to present information on our results and talk more about how we can promote healthy lifestyles in your school. We recognize that talking about weight can be a sensitive subject and we can discuss best practices on this topic with your staff.

Note: Transportation may be provided for families, depending on availability in community.

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