Healthcare Professionals: Connecting families to MEND

Every day I meet children who struggle with the pain of health and weight issues, and I see first-hand how devastating it can be for parents to deal with an unhealthy child. I strongly believe in MEND Saskatchewan’s focus on a whole-family approach to education and prevention in tackling the issue of childhood obesity. I am confident that with their leadership and innovative program our children will live healthier lives.

Dr. Laurence Givelichian — Head, Depeartment of Pediatrics – University of Saskatchewan & Saskatoon Health Region

We appreciate our partners in healthcare throughout Saskatchewan, and the critical role they play in referring families to the MEND program. We recognize obesity is a complex issue and families struggle with what they can do to live a healthier lifestyle.

MEND offers programs where families can come together for education, support and the chance to meet others who are facing similar challenges. Parents and caregivers are required to attend with their child and siblings are welcome. MEND is a family program!

Note: Transportation may be provided for families, depeneding on availability in the community.

Dr Laurence Givelichian

Who can be referred to a MEND Program?

Program Who can I refer? Duration Content
MEND 7-13 7-13 year olds who are above a healthy weight (BMI on or above the 85th percentile) Twice a week for 8 weeks (1-2 hours per session) Age appropriate healthy eating, physical activity and behaviour change strategies.
MEND 2-4 Open to all 2-4 year olds irrespective of weight. Focus on building healthy habits from an early age. Once a week for 10 weeks (90 minutes per session) Age appropriate healthy eating, active play and behaviour change strategies


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How can you refer a family to a MEND Program?

Health Care Referral Chart


Refer a family to MEND

Download Referral Form  or  Refer Online

Once you have referred a family to MEND, they will be contacted by their local MEND program manager who will provide them with information, such as start times and locations. The program manager will also answer any questions or concerns the family may have.

Contact us if you'd like brochures or posters displayed in your office/clinic.