MEND SK Partners

Mend programs are paid for, delivered, researched and supported by a broad range of local, regional, and national partners. These include governments, healthcare organizations, corporations, foundations, non-profit organizations, academic instititions, and community and faith-based organizations.

MEND SK is led and administered by the College of Kinesiology. The Dean from college plays a key role in the leadership and the provision of the Mend SK operations. The college also provides additional support from a number of department including community services, accounting and IT, etc.

MEND SK Advisory Committee

The MEND SK Advisory Committee provides assistance and advice regarding the implementation and management of MEND SK.

Members of the MEND Advisory Committee representing the Colleges of:

  • Kinesiology
  • Medicine (Departments of Academic Family Medicine, Pediatrics, and Psychology)
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy and Nutrition

Community Connectors:

MEND SK Funders

Funders provide financial support for MEND SK programs and operations.

Saskatchewan Blue Cross

Saskatchewan Blue Cross has been instrumental in the roll out of MEND SK starting in August 2012. Since then, Saskatchewan Blue Cross has helped support MEND SK and has recently extended their funding of MEND programs through 2018. Saskatchewan Blue Cross is a leader in improving the health of children and families through initiatives such as Push2Play.


SaskTel’s funding will support the overall MEND programs throughout Saskatchewan.

Community Initiatives Fund 

The Community Initiatives Fund provided funding to MEND SK from January 2014 to June 2016. Through this fund grant, MEND SK has been able to expand to other communities throughout the province, as well as provide program supports that help families overcome barriers around attending MEND programs.

Muskoday First Nations

Muskoday First Nations provided funding to help support a MEND 2-4 program for the Spring and Fall 2015 program sessions.

Sask Sport

Sask Sport’s funding supported the northern MEND program roll out from July 2013 – December 2014. Sask Sport’s one year funding included the salary of the MEND Northern Regional Program Manager, office space/supplies.

MEND SK Partners

MEND SK partners play a key role in the delivery and support of MEND programs in the community.

YMCA of Regina 

The YMCA of Regina offers in-kind office and administrative support to the Southern Regional Program Manager as well as venue space for the MEND programs in Regina.

Local Delivery Agencies

MEND SK delivery agencies provide in-kind space for MEND programs in the community.


The success on our MEND programs couldn’t happen without the support of a number of organizations who assist in raising awareness, promoting the programs, and referring families.

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